Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clothing Exchange - THIS SUNDAY!

Clothing Exchange
Sunday, June 7 | 1pm - 2pm
Columbia Heights - 13th St. at Otis

The clothing exchange is rescheduled for THIS SUNDAY!

Join City Garden & Friends for a totally free, totally awesome clothing exchange.

E-mail Lacey for exact address.

What is a clothing exchange?
A clothing exchange is an eco-friendly way to purge your closet of items that no longer fit. It's also an eco-friendly was to grab some new (used) clothes. Think of it as a thrift store with food and friends.

What should I bring?
You should bring anything from your closet that doesn't fit you, has outgrown your taste/style, or is unwanted. This can include blouses, jeans, dress pants, skirts, ties, accessories, shoes... anything!

Will there be clothes that fit me?

A clothing exchange works best if there are lots of folks attending. That way, there's a variety of sizes and styles represented.

Will there be clothes in my style?
See above. Clothes I am personally donating include lots of work attire (dress pants, skirts, suits, dress shirts), winter sweaters, a winter coat, summer shirts, and clothing worn by royalty!**

How much does it cost?
It's totally free!!! And invite your friends!!!

Where do the clothes go if no one wants them?
Unwanted clothes will be donated to a charity of choice. If you have a particular charity to recommend, please inform the hostess.

Can I invite others?
Absolutely! The more the merrier (and the wider the selection)!!

**this statement is not wholly accurate. it was purchased by royalty but never worn... as you can tell from the tags still on the clothing. want the full story? come to the clothing exchange!

Photo courtesy of The Blueberry Patch.

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